Monday, February 20, 2012

Would that we had more of this.

The final of the LSE Open 2012 is an excellent example of what it means to debate outside the standard liberal paradigm.  All of the speeches are very, very good, and aspiring BP debaters would do well to observe the range of argumentative strategies and rhetorical methods deployed.

Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, "Marxism" refers to a political ideology that:
1. Asserts that political activity is driven by class conflict
2. Argues that the free market is inherently exploitative
3. Advocates the abolition of capitalism and its replacement with an egalitarian economic system

The motion: This House Regrets the Decline of Marxism in Western Liberal Democracies.

The debate

Spoilers after the break.  (Really, watch it first if you don't yet know the result.)

Results follow below.

Closing government Freddy vs. Jason (Frederick Cowell and Jason Vit) win on a 5-0 decision.

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